Youth’s Interest in Science and Innovation and the Conditions for Leadership in Russia

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Youth’s Interest in Science and Innovation and the Conditions for Leadership in Russia

Gvozdeva G.P.

Gvozdeva E.S.

Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation




The purpose of the study is to identify the interest of young professionals to work in the field of science and innovation, as well as the necessary conditions for realization of their leadership poten- tial in the employment behavior and in interaction with the authorities.The theoretical understanding of the behaviour and leadership opportunities for youth is based, first, on the approach of D. McClelland, under which labor activity, its result is determined by the in- teraction of three variables: motives, personal capabilities and qualities. Second, on the theory of expectations of V. Vroom studying work motivation. Thirdly, on the theories of positive leadership, in particular used the concept of distributed leadership by D. Bradford and A. Cohen, and terms and the conditions of group leadership of N. Tichy.Using data from a survey of graduates conducted in 2015-2016, IEIE SB RAS (2573 respondents) identified the motives of choice of profession graduates and their preferred areas of employment. Shown significant differences in motivation between those who want to work in the field of science and innovations and those aimed at other areas of employment.Data from the all-Russia surveys of young scientists and innovators, conducted in 2003-2004, 2010 and 2011 (1192, 1328 and 1032 respondents, respectively), allowed to characterize leadership resource of youth and the prerequisites of successful leadership. It is proved that the role of young scientists in the innovative develop- ment should be strengthened by granting them more resources and responsibility for decision making.



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